Our aims


Our aims are to prevent unwanted puppies and to prevent people abandoning dogs. Our main tasks therefore are to neuter street dogs and to work with owners to educate and facilitate neutering their pets. Many dogs have been abandoned on the streets because they are ill, or pregnant, or the owners simply do not want them anymore. Through education and providing a free neutering service we aim to decrease the number of dogs living on the streets. Post-neutering, some dogs are not suitable to be returned to the streets due to illness, injury or simply because they will be harmed by people. We rehabilitate these dogs, train them and look to find them homes.

All puppies that we find are cared for by us so that they can be re-homed and have a life that all dogs deserve. We have a small annual budget from the municipality for neutering dogs, but this quickly runs out as we are neutering, on average, 6 dogs a week. We rely on fundraising events and public donations to fund neutering, medical care, food and to build suitable facilities for the dogs.

We re-home dogs in Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, working alongside other reputable organisations.

So what is different about us?

At Street Hearts BG we neuter as many dogs as we can weekly. If there is money available we also neuter cats. A unique quality we're proud of is our twice-daily pack walks. This ensures that our dogs are fit, healthy, socialised and happy. Our dogs are not kept in a traditional kennel environment. They are in a natural habitat where they can integrate, roam, be stimulated and be content.

We do not re-home any dogs with behavioural issues, aggression or illnesses. Dogs with these issues live their days out at Street Hearts BG.

At the time of writing this we have neutered over 600 dogs and over 100 cats, and have rescued, re-homed and cared for many many more.

Our official NGO Number is 177224528 which was authorised and registered at Gabrovo court, Bulgaria.


Just Giving

Weʼre raising £45,000 to buy a much-needed education centre, volunteer accommodation, and rehabilitation space for dogs in need!


Neutered so far...




Amazing kind and devoted people. They offer a fantastic neutering programme and also help the dogs that no one else will. We found a pup in real bad shape whilst in Bulgaria no one would help that was until we contacted Emma from Streetheartsbg who kindly did help. Today we finally welcomed Bo to our family here in Bristol. Such a fantastic and important cause x

One of the most genuine and caring rescues I have ever had the pleasure to deal with! Well done guys

Emma has been absolutely amazing with helping me! & the time & hours they put in with these dogs are phenomenal x they deserve a medal & so much recognition for the work they do xx