Merlin's story


Joanna lives in West Sussex and adopted her Street Heart, Merlin, from us in November 2020.

"I found Merlin on Street Hearts BG via the Wild at Heart Foundation website. I was immediately taken with him! When I visited the Street Hearts BG website, read about their work and saw the love and care given to every dog they rescue, I knew that any dog I was matched with would've been given the best start in life after living on the streets. I wanted to carry on their care and give one of their dogs the permanent loving home they deserved. Luckily, I was matched with Merlin".

"I was drawn to Merlin because of his speckled paws and quirky ears! Plus, Merlin looked to be a shy and endearing puppy who simply needed the right home environment, love, and attention to make him flourish. Behind his timid eyes, I could see a gentle-natured dog with bags of character and confidence just waiting to develop. As a mongrel, he is unique in appearance and looked to be the best of everything".

"Once the time was right, adopting my own dog was a simple decision. Along with my life being in the right place to give a dog the time, attention, and love that they deserve, my trigger to adopt was being told I needed to have a full hysterectomy.

I never had children of my own and while a dog is by no means a surrogate child, Merlin is the only being in my life that is completely mine, who loves me unconditionally, and has filled a gap in my life that only I felt. Arriving home on day one, he was afraid of everything, but has since grown into a confident, curious, and very happy dog. I'm so proud of him! He is a loving, loyal, obedient boy who is also wonderfully mischievous and quirky! His tail is constantly wagging and a 'play bow' is his go-to pose to for any dog or anyone that he meets! Merlin is full of fun and energy, has made my house a home, and made my life complete".