Lizzie's story


Melanie and Phil live in Stockport with their former Street Heart, Lizzie (affectionately known as Gobby or Bizzie Lizzie), who they adopted in May 2021.

"We didn't choose Lizzie - Lizzie chose us!"

"Lizzie first came to us as a foster from Dogs 4 Rescue in March 2020. She was only supposed to stay with us for a week but lockdown happened, so she stayed a little bit longer. As an older, timid dog, Lizzie didn't adapt to the busyness of UK living very well at first, so she came back to us a few more times. It was during her third stay (and with some gentle nudges from friends and family) that we finally gave in to her stubbornness and told her she could stay permanently (much to the disgust of our cat, Ariel!) We officially adopted Lizzie in July 2020".

"Emma and Anthony were so helpful and offered us so much support when we fostered Lizzie. Their helpfulness played a major role in us deciding to officially adopt her".

"We've had lots of holidays and adventures together. In August 2020, we all travelled to Dublin on the ferry. The last minute planning of this was made so much easier with Lizzie already having a Bulgarian EU Passport. She has even climbed Mam Tor... twice! Lizzie has brought so much happiness to our house, and watching her personality appear over time has been lovely. She is the protector of our home, the chief toast crust inspector, and the official doorbell of the house!"

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