Branston's story


Nicki lives in Stockport with her former Street Heart, Branston, who she adopted in May 2019.

"I chose a Street Hearts BG dog after following their work for some time. Just seeing the hardship and pain the dogs go through on the streets, and then the wonderful work done by Street Hearts BG to nurture them and show them what being a loved pet really is, absolutely warmed my heart. I'd had a bad experience with a well known UK rescue shelter, and having lost my beloved old rescue boy Ronny, I knew I wanted to give a Street Hearts BG baby a chance of a good, loving home."

"I didn't choose Branston - he chose me! I arranged to meet some of the dogs up for adoption at the Street Hearts BG partner shelter, Dogs 4 Rescue. I was greeted by about fifteen dogs, all different breeds and sizes. They were all super friendly and I remember two rooms either side, one with a mama and puppies, and the other with lots of snoozing, peaceful bigger dogs. I was amazed! No barking, hyper dogs; just relaxed, happy dogs! It was one of the best moments of my life, sitting there chatting away, saying hello to all of the dogs and just feeling totally in my happy place. Branston came to say hello, too - he was a shy boy. He had a few treats and then curled up at my feet and went to sleep pretty much the whole time I was there. Decision made - he'd picked me and that was that! He moved in two days later after my home check was done!"

"Branston is the most loyal, loving, and kind dog. He's still shy sometimes and very cheeky! He really has brought nothing but happiness to us! He loves meeting up with his Street Hearts BG friends. We've been to a secure dog field with them a few times and it's fabulous seeing them all playing together so well. I'm now the lucky mama to two Street Hearts, as the beautiful Renee moved in with us a year ago! They are the best of friends and have been since day one. I'm very lucky to have them in my life!"

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