Winnie's story


Lucy lives in Manchester with her former Street Heart, Winnie (previously known as Ronya), who she adopted in March 2020.

"I found out about Street Hearts BG through volunteering at Dogs 4 Rescue. When it came to adopting a dog, they mentioned that they had a couple of Street Hearts who had recently arrived."

"I was instantly drawn to Winnie (then Ronya), and her to me. I think her unique eyes had me sold! When I introduced her to Helga (my other dog) at the rescue centre, they immediately clicked! Winnie was very nervous of everything at the start. Walking was a struggle if anyone else was near us or just in sight. When people would visit, she would be so scared that she would run and hide (and sometimes wet herself). It's been a long journey but definitely a rewarding one! Mornings wouldn't be the same without her diving on my partner and I and showering us in kisses!"

"She's now much better on walks, especially with big sister Helga by her side. The shy, timid girl that came to us is now a big ball of energy who is always keen to play!"

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