Fig's story


Sara lives in Macclesfield with her former Street Heart, Fig (previously known as Chloe), who she adopted in August 2019.

"My daughter and I went to the Dogs 4 Rescue summer charity show to meet Fig, who had just arrived from Street Hearts BG. After seeing her picture on their website, I was really eager to meet her. She was a bit of a shock in the flesh - so much smaller than I had imagined, with an air of wariness around her".

"There was a lady walking her around the show with a sign that said 'Adopt Me'. I immediately pulled the woman to one side and said that nobody was allowed to enquire about her as I was definitely adopting her. I think the lady thought that a mad woman was accosting her! We took our elderly Labrador over the following day so that they could meet and took Fig home there and then. She was an extremely anxious and nervous little thing, but with the help of Daisy (Labrador), she slowly came out of herself and showed her fun personality. She got on with my cats immediately; that has never been an issue, which was fabulous. Street Hearts BG obviously do a wonderful job with their rescue dogs!"

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