Ethel's story


Emma lives in Shropshire and adopted her Street Heart, Ethel, from us in September 2021.

"I saw a photo of Ethel and knew that she was the one! I love black dogs and she was just so beautiful - such expressive eyes and lovely smooth ears! I fell in love immediately. Colleagues at my workplace said "But how do you know what she's like? How do you know she won't wreck the place?" And all I could say was, "I just know".

"As soon as Ethel arrived home, she jumped straight onto the sofa for cuddles and we have never looked back. She bonded straight away with her big sister, Ginny, who came from Romania just before lockdown. She has been on her first holiday and decided that she was sleeping in bed with us rather than in her own bed. She is such a funny, adorable girl and, when her new baby sister (a red lab called Hattie) arrived, she bonded with her and they cuddle and play constantly. She's made friends with her big sister's group of buddies and runs ecstatically around the dog park with her new friends".

Just Giving

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