Roger's story


Frankie lives in London with her former Street Heart, Roger (previously known as Buddy), who she adopted in January 2020.

"A friend told me about Street Hearts BG after adopting a dog from them. I started following Street Hearts on Instagram and basically just enjoyed time out from work to live vicariously through Emma and Anthony on their pack walks! After months of enjoying my secret Street Hearts Instagram addiction, I saw a little pup looking lost and sad with his big paws and ears. I had a "that's the one" moment!"

"When I met Frankie the Furever Bus at Cobham Services, Roger was so terrified, he tried to scramble under the van to get away from me. We've definitely had our challenges - the time he escaped from the car at Inverness airport and headed for departures, his penchant for biting bums, and when he knocked a pot of Marmite off the counter, licked the smashed glass clean, and had to visit the vets for the multiple cuts on his tongue! But, after all of this, morning cuddles are compulsory! He knocks my phone out of my hand to get my attention and, if I'm blue, he rests his head on my chest until I go to sleep".

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