Ned's story


I first saw little Ned on street hearts fb page when he was 5 weeks old, a few days before losing my gorgeous German shepherd to bone cancer.. it felt like fate that he should be mine. Fast forward nearly 4 mths we were able to come over and collect him. In the mean time poor Ned got parvo.. lost half of his litter to it. Thankfully he was lucky enough to pull through after some loving nursing from Emma. Our Ned started out very scared of everything.. first visit to Dryanovo he became neddy no legs.. frozen in fear with his tail permanently between his legs. Fast forward 8 weeks.. his confidence is growing everyday.. his tail is up.. he comes everywhere with us, looking to us for support If he is worried. He is cuddly and loving.. a real character.. we love him to bits. I recommend everyone has a BG street dog in their lives

Ned before

Ned after

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