Wild boar attacks Rufus


We would like to say a huge thank you to Dr Dimitrov who saved our Rufus last night. We called him out because Rufus had been attacked by a wild boar in the forest by our house. Dr Dimitrov worked until 01.30 hours this morning and we are so happy to say that Rufus survived.

Wild boar are elusive animals so we never see them, who knows what happened but Rufus is not a hunter, he probably stumbled across one in the undergrowth and got himself into trouble on our evening pack walk. The boar punctured the outer lining of his lung and tore his diaphragm, another 1 mm and we would have lost him.

It was a worrying time at the vets, we thought it was over for Rufus but again our vet amazed us and repaired his diaphragm and muscle and stitched Rufus back together. He is feeling a bit sorry for himself this morning but he is breathing well and we know he will be ok. He is on strong antibiotics because his lung had filled up with fluid and this is an infection risk.

Strangely whilst driving home from the vets a wild boar crossed the road in front of us, who knows, maybe it was the same one? They are huge so we are very grateful that our boy survived, we’re sure the boar did. Thank you Dr Dimitrov, you are the best, I am sure you are as tired as we are today!

Neutered so far...