Caught at night


Another very busy 24 hours with poorly pups and general work. Last night we were out for a couple of hours trying to catch a female dog who has constantly been having puppies, but failed despite tasty food and patience. At 22.20 this evening we have got a phone call to say that she has gone into our trap cage which is great news so Anthony is on the way to collect her. It is lucky as the Street Hearts BG phone was about to be switched off for the night! She will be neutered tomorrow thank goodness. We really are trying our best to get the remaining street dogs in our area (there are 4 left), we have so many puppies right now and we really need to move on from this and work with owned dogs and educate about the importance of neutering.

This poor soul was neutered today after successfully getting her into our trap cage last night. She is so thin and has an infected abdomen so will need to stay with us for antibiotics. Our hearts don’t want to return her to the streets so we are hoping that she is less scared with us and maybe we can find her a sponsor so we can rehabilitate her. It is always sad to see dogs like this struggling on the streets, who knows what has happened to the girl with such a sad face.

Neutered so far...