Morris completes 100k race for Street Hearts BG


Morris De La Roca completed his 100k endurance run to raise money for Street Hearts Bulgaria. What an amazing achievement! Here is a thankyou note and a video from Morris himself:

"I’d like to thank everyone that showed love and support! When I flipped my phone off of airplane mode at the finish it started buzzing, but I only allowed myself to catch small glimpses of the msg’s for fear of becoming emotional. I promise to properly (my brain function’s been wacky, more so than usual) read every message and thank each one of you individually in the coming days. A big thank you to those that contributed and /or shared the Street Hearts BG GoFundMe campaign, which is currently ongoing. Here’s a short video taken at Shortcut Saddle on Angeles Crest Hwy 2, just after I left the aid station at mile 50.5, with an 8.2mi section looming. Approx 20mins after I shot this video, my knees willing to bend once more, I had smashed a technical portion of downhill single track to the bottom of a ravine under the light that remained after sunset. No moon, and heavily canopied, I was forced to retrieve my headlamp from my pack, only to discover that it had likely been turned on while in the pile of aid station drop bags, and batteries drained. I debated taking my phone at the start, and gave thanks I had...otherwise catastrophe. By chance, a runner caught me as I was pulling my phone from my pack and I decided I couldn’t let him pull away, as I needed the light from his headlamp to supplement the 5 measly lumens the iPhone LED seemed to burn. His pace was brisker than I liked, but it was the psychological detriment of being handed a nearly deadly blow to my nighttime mobility that caused me, for the first time, to even entertain the idea of dropping from the race at Red Box. I was facing 6-7 hours of navigating unknown trail by the light of a cell phone, and it was weighing heavy... Plus, they had cots, toasty emergency blankets, and warm lights at Red Box, all ideal for a mountain nap ?"