Volunteer of the month: Maria


We are very lucky with some great volunteers that we have here at Street Hearts BG. Every month we are going to feature one of these awesome volunteers. This month the lovely Maria is our volunteer of the month and you can read about her as she answers some of our questions below.

How did you hear about StreetheartsBG?

Firstly from a friend, then through Instagram I was able to get in touch.

What is/was your role as a volunteer?

Spending time with the dogs so they learn to socialize and bathing and grooming them. Hand feeding the puppies, teaching them basic training .

How often do you volunteer?

Once a week, more when I can.

Why have you chosen StreetheartsBg as a charity to support with your time and effort?

Because I love dogs and there are so many dogs living on the streets here that need help.

What is it that you admire most about the work done at StreetheartsBG?

Everything! They not only work to find the dogs homes, they are working to educate the wider community about neutering their pets so the problem of unwanted dogs (and cats) can be stopped. There’s also all the older dogs here that now have a new life off the streets living at the refuge.

What do you think StreetheartsBG gains from your support as a volunteer?

Hopefully while I”m there doing odd jobs and spending time with the dogs, it allows Emma and Anthony to get on with other tasks.

What do you gain from your time spent volunteering with StreetheartsBG?

Friendship, satisfaction knowing I’ve made someones life a little happier. The dogs are so grateful for the care.

What message would you like to give to anyone who is considering volunteering for StreetheartsBG?

Do it, be prepared to make lots of friends that will be grateful for your help. You may want to take one or two dogs home with you!

What do you plan for your future volunteering with StreetheartsBG?

I will continue with the grooming and socializing, things change daily depending on the dogs really, what their need are.