Shelter update


This is by no means final but we have had 4 state vets inspect us today and it was very positive. We have done everything asked of us and so we should be a registered dog shelter imminently and have Traces for transport.

Everything we do is in Bulgarian with no translator and to say it is hard is an understatement. The amount of paperwork, declarations and auditing that goes on is unbelievable. This is good though as it means we are doing everything correctly and legally. The vets were very thorough even checking sell by dates on our doggy shampoo!

So just to add the thermometers, ventilation etc for the van. Register that and our pick up for animal transportation, sign some more declarations and we are good to go.

Thank you to our dogs for behaving impeccably and showing how fantastic Bulgarian street dogs can be. On that note lunch was left overs from dinner that our wonderful volunteer Maria made for us yesterday. As well as this Maria deep cleaned our clinic, dog bowls etc yesterday while we prepared for today. She is a legend.

To celebrate Trinny joined us for lunch