We are now a fully licensed private dog shelter and dog transporter!


We’ve finally got there! 
We are a fully licensed private dog shelter with fully licensed vehicles to operate within Bulgarian law and the European TRACES system! 
We started this whole process over one and half years ago. A process that that has included an enormous amount of fundraising. Lots of meetings with the many officials involved, most positive, some not so positive! Planning permission to turn our property from domestic to business use, including our existing access lane to be surveyed and mapped. 
Numerous visits to the Notary for various legal documents. Our registered NGO to be formed through the lawyers and courts. Three visits by the state vets to us and three visits by us to them. The new website built and launched. The clinic made and approved. The new boundary fencing and gates erected and approved . A temperature controlled ventilation system for the van installed and approved. Both of the vehicles registered for animal transport, plus both of us registered for the transport and welfare of animals. Rental agreements made for the NGO to use both of our vehicles! Numerous protocols and documents produced in relation to operating a rescue shelter. A quarantine area allocated and approved.
An official contract with our vet. 
A contract with a registered pest control company and even making an official Street Hearts BG foundation rubber stamp! 
All of this has been supported by our loyal followers, our Municipality and their staff, our vet and the Bulgarian food standards agency. Without you all it couldn’t have happened. 
Somehow we’ve done it, all of this in amongst continuing our ever increasing daily chores, continuously improving our facilities and maintaining regular neutering. Looking back over the process we’re not really sure how, but it’s done!

It’s onwards and upwards from now, so many more future plans including education and awareness in partnership with the Municipality, expanding the neutering programme and open days at Street Hearts BG.

Watch this space!

Thank you so very much to everyone involved along the way!

Emma, Anthony & every pooch that is here now, has passed through and is yet to arrive at Street Hearts BG!

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