Lucky doggies


How lucky are the doggies?! It has been like Christmas at Street Hearts BG this week.

Massive thank you to Peter who has recently moved to Bulgaria and is adopting Tina and Trinny soon. He has donated loads of puppy food, worming tablets, puppy and dog supplements, treats and puppy pads amongst other goodies which will be put to good use.

Also thank you to Lauren and Adam who again have bought puppy food, worming tablets, a whiteboard for to do lists, pooper scoopers and more much needed puppy pads amongst other things.

Another thank you to Liz, a site matron a Leeds General Infirmary who I worked with many moons ago. Liz keeps sending us puppy food which is lovely, I am nagging her to come and visit :)

We have more puppies than ever so to give them great food sets them up for life. Zoe, Misty and Lucky are now up to full weight and are looking amazing. It would have taken us far longer without these items and with our usual food. We soon will be feeding Tilly's 10 hungry pups and there are 5 newly dumped, skinny pups in the next village which we need to bring home and help.

It is never ending with many requests daily to help other dogs, every day we have to say no to someone but your generosity makes it easier to help as many as we can.

For more information on how you can help here is the amazon wish list link on our website. There are also other ways you can help. Cake bakes at work, sponsored walks, go sober in October and so on. Every little massively helps to keep us going.

Neutered so far...