A vet and a badly inserted pin


Marti was neutered last week, he is an adorable 7 month old boy who has had a rough start in life. Very sadly he came to us after having a pin inserted in his leg which was broken. A vet in Sevlievo has done this procedure incorrectly and the pin has now moved which is causing Marti a lot of pain.

Our vet has reviewed this and was very shocked at the poor work. He has referred this to a specialist and so we will be going to Stara Zagora to try and sort it out and get the pin removed.

We have very carefully chosen our vet Dr Dimitrov after having a lot of bad experiences here with other vets. We are not sure if his leg will ever be ok now which is so sad as he is an adorable boy. We will keep you updated on his progress and fingers crossed that he will be enjoying life soon.

In the meantime if anyone would like to sponsor Marti he will be on our sponsored dogs page on the website.