Volunteers of the month


Here is an insight from our fabulous volunteers of the month, Adam and Lauren:

"We first came across Street Hearts BG earlier this year when we found our very own little Bulgarian Street dog wandering around in the snow. She couldn't walk properly and we couldn't take her straight to the vets as being English we were too scared to drive down the mountain in thick snow so decided to keep her at our house for a few days. Obviously we fell in love and she never left so Emma and Anthony very kindly helped us organise getting her back to England with us.

Seeing the sheer amount of dogs that these guys have taken under their wing made us determined to try and do more to help so when we came back we decided to Volunteer for a few days. The variety of work that goes into keeping Street Hearts BG going is honestly astounding. From picking poop, to trying to feed worming tablets to wriggly puppies, to shovelling a whole months supply of sawdust the list really does go on forever. This doesn't even begin to include the endless admin and trips to the vets to get dogs neutered, chipped and ready to travel to their forever homes.

Despite the hard work, the sense of reward that came from seeing all the dogs running free playing on the pack walk and jumping up for cuddles anytime you dare to try and sit down really does make it all worth it. The amount of dogs that have been set up with a new homes this month is truly amazing and none of it could be done without the relentless hard work of Emma and Anthony as well as all of the wonderful people that volunteer, sponsor dogs, donate money and items from the Wishlist and Share the stories on Social Media. There is still a huge way to go to solve the problem of street dogs in Bulgaria but with charities like Street Hearts BG around looking after as many as they can as well as educating the locals and offering free neutering programs it really does give us hope that things will continue to improve out here and every doggy could one day have the loving home that they deserve."

Neutered so far...