Crossing bridges for street dogs


Hi, my name is Saskia and I will be running the "DSW Bruggenloop Rotterdam" which is a 15K run including 6 bridges to raise money so that Street Hearts Bulgaria can pay an unexpected and unforseen vet's bill of € 1000. The longest run I’ve ever done was 10K and did not include any bridges, so it’s a big challenge!

Emma and Anthony Smith who run Street Hearts Bulgaria have about 80 dogs in their care at the moment and as you can imagine the costs are enormous. All dogs need to be fed, there are regular visits to the vet, they need vaccinations, medication, microchips and passports. They depend on donations from the public to make all of this work.

Due to unforeseen circumstances they now have an outstanding vet bill in the amount of € 1.000,00 which is a big worry they do not need.

On the 9th of December 2018 Please HELP and get me over 6 bridges and the finish line by making a donation! Any amount you can spare is appreciated, thank you!


Neutered so far...