Our amazing volunteers


We have been incredibly lucky to have Hannah, Simon, Pauline and Maria help us at home while we have been away. It is not easy running a dog shelter, it is 24/7 and due to us being free running the routine changes all of the time. The second trip meant that Tilly’s pups were much bigger and naughtier so that was challenging for our wonderful volunteers! We have more puppies than ever right now which is incredibly difficult. Making sure they are eating, not sick and keeping them out of mischief is difficult at times but they did it and we are very proud and honoured that they wanted to help us out.

We currently have Noah from Germany here volunteering with us (pictured above) and he commented last night that Street Hearts BG is not just about pack walks which we generally post about on social media. We have put him to good use translating for the German organisations we work with and taking photographs etc. The website is still not up to date with new dogs but we are getting there.

So talking about volunteers we have had some really good help for a few months and now have a wonderful caravan to accommodate them next year. That’s another job we’ve taken on though, siting it, piping water and electricity to it and hopefully building a roof over it for shade in summer and protection in winter. We’d like to have an outdoor shower in the area for the summer and a compost toilet, it does have all mod cons and a bathroom so they will be very comfortable. We plan to put this is our apple orchard so they can have their own space and peace. We have had quiet a few volunteer enquiries for next year which is fantastic for the dogs. Some exciting news is our next volunteer will be Kate Lamb who is coming for Christmas with Scout, it will be wonderful to have our patron and ambassadog here for the festive season. The last time Scout was here was when we did the bike ride from Dryanovo to London so it will be interesting to see her reaction to old haunts. We have both seen Scout in London since then and she definitely recognised us both, that was so lovely.

Neutered so far...