New log cabin plans


As you may remember Morris De La Rocca ran 100 miles for Street Hearts BG this year with the hope that he could raise $4000 dollars to build a cabin. Sadly this amount was not raised so we have had a rethink. It is so cold outside and we want to make better living conditions for the older dogs.

So….Anthony has been kicked out of his workshop and this is now going to be a temporary living area for them. It is a large barn and we will be putting a fire in there, sofa and nice beds which they deserve. We’ve also asked a large company who support us if they can supply some pallet racking that would make great raised areas for the dogs to sleep on. They love to get up off of the floor. The puppies are little rascals and have a field day pulling stuffing out of beds so we have to use hay. We first have to clear this space as it has machinery, tools and a load of vet things for the clinic in Dryanovo which is currently being renovated.

We will look forward to sharing the progress and hopefully the dogs will be moving in soon.

Neutered so far...