Neutering puppies


We have had many requests to adopt puppies and not neuter them prior to adoption. We understand that it is a personal preference, there are many reasons and evidence for and against early neutering. In Bulgaria the benefits of early neutering are obvious, we absolutely have to prevent unwanted puppies. All of our dogs are neutered at the earliest opportunity in order to maintain a calm equilibrium.
We have been informed today of the following. This is definitive, we cannot re-home dogs or puppies that are not neutered.

"Uncastrated animals can not come from your site because it is registered as a shelter. They may come out of another establishment registered as a kennel or pet shop and complying with regulation 49 for export and exchange of animals. There is no such thing on the territory of the Gabrovo region." Dr Vasil Petrov, Head state vet, Food Standards Agency, Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

Neutered so far...