Are you able to help us?

We are currently battling every day to care for and try to find homes for nearly 70 dogs. We have a waiting list of puppies to come to us who will cost us over 200 Leva each to rehome, not including food while they are with us. Unwanted and preventable puppies are a huge drain on our resources. We are constantly having to say no to accepting puppies and it is both stressful and heartbreaking for us. Because of the number of dogs in our care we are now unable to get out on the streets as we used to and our efforts to control the Street Dog population in our area is severely at risk. We need your help. Please read and save this guide to help us help the street dogs. Thank you to everyone who has already done things like this, please get in touch if you can be our eyes and ears on the ground where you live. 

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