Faithful Van Troubles


Emma didn't quite make it all the way home from the transport run on Friday night. Luckily just ten miles from home the clutch failed on the van and Anthony was called out to tow it back. It's done well the van, we bought it seven years ago to move our belongings from the UK to BG. Then we produced furniture for two years and used the van to deliver throughout Europe and now it has become the forever bus for Street Hearts.

It's eleven years old and the 4500 mile round trips are taking their toll so we're looking into sponsorship to try and replace it this year. We've had an informal chat with a friend who manages the local branch of a multinational company to ask his advice about the best way to approach other companies. We need to see how political issues in the UK pan out but if they don't hinder us then we might have a plan

Neutered so far...