Everydaystray visitor


We are very lucky to have Robert visit us from Everydaystray.  

Rob helps many street dogs and has volunteered at a number of dog shelters across Europe.  His natural ability to make friends with scared dogs is incredible.

One massive bonus for us is that he has over 10,000 followers on Instagram and also has an active You Tube channel.  Due to this and being promoted by him we have more followers and adoption enquiries.

Last week we had an incredibly day catching 3 female street dogs, one of which we have been trying to catch for 3 years.  This was a massive success.  You can see the video by clicking on this link. 

Robert is so impressed by our shelter that he is staying until the end of May and will be helping catch dogs and make photographs and videos.  He also says he will be back in summer which is fab news for us.