Michelle's Marathon


So very well done Michelle!

What an incredible experience it was being at the London Marathon and more importantly being there to support our Champion Michelle. It was absolutely stunning to see so many thousands of people doing such great things for so many great causes and for themselves, it was really emotional for Anthony to experience the atmosphere of such a massive happy event for the first time.

Anthony was very lucky to have our Kate and Scout to guide me on our whirlwind tour of London to catch up with Michelle. We couldn't always contain our emotions, especially when Michelle came in to sight, we added quite a lot of time on to her marathon when giving her huge hugs at every opportunity! Thank you to our Street Hearts supporters and their beautiful doggies who made the trip to London to cheer on Michelle, I know how much it meant to her and it's always fantastic to see how the dogs have become so loved by their new people.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to help encourage Michelle to run the London Marathon in aid of Street Hearts BG. A lovely happy day.

The fundraiser is still open so if you would like to donate towards a log cabin for our permanent residents, here is the link: DONATE HERE