One of our Hardest Weeks


Good morning from all of us at Street Hearts BG. It has been one of the hardest weeks we have had this week and sadly Frieda our forever bus is a complete write off. We have spent 3000 leva recently doing essential works to keep her going which we will never get back. She is 11 years old now with loads of miles on the clock and her financial value is little. So, we have to buy a new van which is a scary prospect as we will have to borrow money.

One lovely thing that has happened is that we have an offer of an interest free loan so now we are just working out how we can pay it back as it is a short time frame. Many people are suggesting crowd funding and company sponsorship which are great ideas but will take time. Our priority is to get going asap so we can continue our work here with neutering and rehoming, both are vital to maintain and improve the current situation with abandoned dogs. We are feeling incredibly deflated and sad about all of this. We have 70 dogs, 20 who have happy endings they were due to go to this month but without the van we will have to postpone for now. We are trying to resolve the situation as quickly as possible but this all depends on finding the right van at the right price. We are not sure whether this will be in Bulgaria or the UK. Thank you as always everyone for your support, without you all Street Hearts BG would be finished.

The absolute majority of our support comes from you all. A little insight into what we are tackling on top of this.... Parvo virus has struck again which has resulted in us losing some pups, this is heartbreaking. We have had far too many pups abandoned lately and last night someone dumped 4 more puppies at the end of our lane, they are running around terrified in the forest. Today will probably be wasted trying to catch them. The trap cage is out but they haven’t gone in overnight. The dogs keep being dumped and we need to get them out to new homes.

We have had torrential storms of late which has made caring for the dogs and improving our facilities difficult and really doesn’t help those latest poor pups. We will work all of this out and hopefully very soon we’ll be back on track.

We have discussed everything above with some people but would welcome any positive opinions from you all. In the meantime here are some doggies who have been reserved and need their forever bus ❤️ Thank you everyone, Emma & Anthony.

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