Frankie Forever Bus | Update


Thank you to everyone who helped us to buy Frankie the forever bus.

So far she has taken 86 dogs to their new homes, the last trip went just in time before the harsh Bulgarian winter sets in. Every doggy loves a home and a warm bed, you have helped us to achieve this for all of these doggies and hopefully many, many more to come.

Frankie is now all fitted out with a double deck, has seventeen fixed cages and all the temperature control equipment that we reused from Freida the previous forever bus. We did all of the refitting ourselves.

There are rear windows fitted which allows natural daylight for the dogs and she also has wonderful graphics, many people have commented on how professional it looks. The dogs travel in much more comfort than they did in the old van, there is more space so they have bigger cages to move around in, they are actually quieter and cleaner. There is even space for a travel fridge so we can take food and drinks for us to save buying it at overpriced service stations.

We extended the cab and built bunk beds behind the seats which makes to journey a lot safer and easier as we are able to have proper sleep, this also helps the dogs as we are refreshed and able to walk them more frequently which helps them to get used to new sights, sounds and people and helps to set them up for their happy endings. We actually leave a day earlier on the adoption trips so that we can rest and stop more often. We average ten stops on route to exercise, feed and clean the cages for the dogs.

We raised 94% of the funds with this fundraiser and we had a private donation that took the total to just below £20,000. The actual cost of the van was £23,000 and we still owe £2000 of this for the original loan.

Emma & Anthony and all of the doggies are so very fortunate and will always be grateful for your incredible support when we really needed it.

Thank you everyone.

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