Brexit. What happens next.....

Who knows what Brexit will bring but we are continuing as usual until we are instructed otherwise. Our state vet doesn’t know what is happening and neither do Defra so we don’t have any idea how things might or might not affect us. All of our dogs’ travel with TRACES (Trade Control and Expert System) certification which is a legal requirement for all rescue dogs. This is a very satisfactory EU agreement and requirement but we expect there will be more paperwork when the UK changes their database. We will need TRACES to travel through Europe and then whatever paperwork will be required to enter the UK but there is no official confirmation of anything to date. We are getting many enquiries from Germany and Austria for adoptions but the rules are incredibly strict and we must work with an organisation with Traces to accept the dogs and organise mediation with new owners. It is very frustrating, we have written to many organisations with no success but only very recently we have been contacted by an established rescue in Germany, we are working on a mutual agreement at present, at the moment we are only rehoming dogs in Bulgaria and the UK.

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