The current situation in our shelter


We have had a huge amount of people who enquire to adopt dogs from us since lockdown.   The enquiries are incredible and we are so proud that people wish to adopt a dog instead of buying.  Due to this Wild at Heart Foundation and Dogs 4 Rescue are handling adoptions on our behalf.  It is very important that we get the right homes for our dogs and that adopters receive full support pre and post adoption. 

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We are however in a very difficult situation right now, despite Frankie the furever bus doing monthly trips (we can only take 20 dogs per vehicle through the tunnel) we still have over 80 dogs in our shelter, two months ago we reached 112! Our licence is for 70 dogs. 60 of the dogs we have are fit and healthy, fully trained and ready for new homes but we simply cannot move them quick enough. Some dogs have been waiting months, some years for their chance but we just do not have the resources to move them, unfortunately the younger ones always get priority which leaves older dogs like Renee, still waiting for her space on a trip. Renee has been with us for almost two years.
This also means that our workload is harder than ever in the shelter and we have to constantly say no to requests everyday to help more. During the last week  we turned away 14 dogs in need, it breaks our heart to do this but we have no room at the inn. These dogs are on the streets, have been abandoned or are just unwanted. There is nothing for them and their fate is illness, probability of cruelty and ultimately death. We can neuter them but if we put them back on the streets there is still no food for them and people don’t want them there. Complaints are then made to the municipalities and we are then under constant pressure to take the dogs to our shelter.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Frankie the furever bus needs a sister, it’s a big risk with the current worldwide uncertainty but one thing is always certain, dogs continue to be in need of our help.
Street Hearts BG has reached an incredible turning point since we started just over four years ago. We are so very fortunate to have our main UK partners; Dogs 4 Rescue are going from strength to strength and Wild at Heart Foundation are in the process of some amazing expansion plans, alongside this we have had the wonderful recent support from Battersea to improve our shelter.
We are very proud to have the support of all three of these organisations and we also have the support of some incredible volunteers and even a sponsored employee. We feel that now is the time and we have the opportunity to take Street Hearts BG to a new level and help more unfortunate dogs and stop saying no to those in need.
If we were to have a second bus this would mean that we could move more dogs quicker, the more dogs we can move then the more dogs we can help, it’s as simple as that.
Both of our current rehoming partners can find more incredible furever homes and we can action the daily enquiries for direct adoptions.
Frankie has transported 186 dogs since her first trip in August 2019 and this was with a break of three months during lockdown. We hope to increase this number by at least 70% every year with another furever bus. Sometimes we will travel in tandem when the numbers dictate. Also whilst one bus is on the road, the other can be used for our ongoing neutering campaign and we have the security of a backup vehicle should there ever be a breakdown etc, usual road assistance doesn’t cover animal transport throughout Europe.
Rob and John, two of our amazing new volunteers are committed to operate a second bus delivering dogs to their furever homes. Rob has recently been made redundant after 25 years as BA cabin crew.
There are some animal welfare courses that they need to attend and then we will have two qualified drivers ready and waiting.
Our partner rescues in the UK are ready for our dogs, new homes are waiting for our dogs but obviously the financial worry of buying a second bus is holding us back. Every day we get enquiries from mainland Europe but cannot say yes to these wonderful homes as we do not have the resources to transport the dogs.
As Street Hearts BG grows, people turn to us from all over Bulgaria to help in towns and villages. There is no other choice and they can see that we can provide an attractive alternative to the
outdated municipality shelters. With a definite lack of other legal private shelters we cannot even suggest an alternative.

Please help us to buy a new van, every £1 helps and it will enable to help more dogs in need.

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