Our shelter improvement programme sponsored by Battersea


Earlier this year Dan and Emma attended the iconic Battersea dogs home in London. We did a week long course which has been life changing in the way that we manage our shelter. After the course we applied for a £10k grant which we got!

So, over the summer Anthony has been making improvements to our shelter. We now have running water in all sections along with electricity so we can have full lighting across the shelter. We have also installed a full drainage system and we are currently in the process of laying tons and tons of gravel. Last winter was an awful boggy shelter. We now have full vehicle access and lovely gravel to walk on instead of mud! This will make life for our volunteers and us so much better.

Other plans are to make a new puppy quarantine area, 3 hygiene stations and to generally have a more efficient shelter so that it frees us up to spend more time training the dogs and also doing proactive community work.

We have until the end of the year to complete the work, the pressure is on! A huge thank you to Battersea, our shelter will be amazing.

Just Giving

Weʼre raising £45,000 to buy a much-needed education centre, volunteer accommodation, and rehabilitation space for dogs in need!


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