The never ending issue with dogs being abandoned or given to us and Brexit....


This year we hit a record number of dogs in our shelter, 142 to be exact. Many of them are puppies that have been abandoned in our village, many have been abandoned in town and many were from people who came to us asking for help.

It’s a very difficult situation as we want to help and have the ability to find homes for them but it has been constant this year and can only presume that this is because more people in Bulgaria know about us now. We have implemented an admission process so that people wanting to “gift’ the dogs to us go on a waiting list. There are those that cannot wait though. Dozens of puppies have been abandoned in our village this year. It is a very small village with only 4 permanent residents aside from ourselves. There is nothing for the puppies and we have to take them in otherwise we will be chasing them around in the future. Our neighbours are amazing and we want to maintain a good relationship with them.

Our new website shop has really helped us to care for these dogs and puppies. With the help of Dogs 4 Rescue and Wild at Heart Foundation we really can make a difference and will continue to rehabilitate and rehome as many dogs as we can. In the past four years we have recommend 650 dogs with no issues.

Brexit is going to bring a lot of changes, our licenses are not valid in the UK as they are EU licenses. So we will have to get our vans inspected in the UK and also do an animal competency course as ours wont be recognised after the end of 2020. Problem is all online courses are suspended due to COVID and no one is replying to emails! It’s ironic really as these courses and inspections were initially implemented to meet EU regulations. It’s all ok though, we have overcome many obstacles in the last 4 years and will not be defeated!

We now have 100 dogs in shelter and have two more adoption trips planned before the end of the year, this in theory should bring our number down to 60 dogs over winter which is much more manageable. A huge, huge thank you to our rescue partners in the UK for helping our dogs and also to the wonderful adopters that give our dogs great homes. We love you all.

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