Fundraiser Alert!


FUNDRAISER ALERT! Can you please help us make improvements to our shelter?

Our shed houses six to nine dogs; however, it is no longer safe or fit for purpose. The heavy stone roof is being supported by rotten wooden beams, and we fear that the roof will eventually cave in on itself. Both the roof and internal ceiling are also riddled with holes and falling apart; therefore, we desperately need your help to fix this before the freezing winter months arrive.

Our goal is to replace both the rotten beams and the stone roof. We also plan to run electricity to the shed, as well as insulating and heating it, providing a warm, comfortable space for puppies, frightened dogs, and dogs undergoing rehabilitation.

We are also in desperate need of a large washing machine! At present, we are either washing bedding by hand (which isn't the most hygienic method) or using our domestic washing machine, which won't be able to cope for much longer. Washing bedding is essential for infection control and hygiene purposes. We have sourced a 17-kilo washing machine in Belgium, which we hope to purchase with your help.

During these uncertain times, every donation matters. Please can you help us reach our target of £3,500? If you would like to donate, please visit the link.


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Weʼre raising £45,000 to buy a much-needed education centre, volunteer accommodation, and rehabilitation space for dogs in need!


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