New project development managers


“If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behavior.”- William Glasser.

Vincent and Emeline volunteered at Street Hearts BG back in the year 2020. Whilst volunteering they saw first hand the issues concerning the stray dogs, but also the mindsets which had led to the stray dog population in the first place. They realised there was an opportunity for education, prevention and community engagement which had not yet been a part of the Street Hearts BG strategy in tackling the problems. They believed in order to have long term changes, the community must be involved and leading the way.

With the help of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, funding was provided to create a brand new initiative using a multi-faceted community focused approach. We are excited to announce that Vincent and Emeline are our new Project Development Managers, and have created an education programme encompassing education within schools/youths, outreach work and involving key members of the community to create a working plan together.

The aim of the programme is to educate the community on animal welfare and prevent animal suffering for long term lasting effects. Using the latest technology we are trailing mobile app based survey techniques in order to assess the scale of the stray dog population. Whilst simultaneously reaching out to individual households ensuring no dog is neglected within the community, we aim to help those dogs kept chained in yards and those on the streets.

The education initiative within schools will use teaching English as a foreign language in combination with animal welfare education. Therefore offering a useful life skill for the students and teaching compassion for animals, preventing animal suffering and abandonment.

These past two weeks they have met with the Deputy Mayor of Tryavna municipality, Mr Marin Marinov and Deputy Mayor of Dryanovo municipality, Nikolay Karagyozov. They have discussed several education initiatives including Street Hearts BG being part of the summer school programme, hosting an evening event, an after school ‘compassion club’ and even working with local stakeholders such as the police and church leaders.

Both Deputy Mayors are motivated, engaged and we look forward to working closely with them in the future. They are just kick starting this programme and there is lots more yet to come, watch this space!

If you have any educational/story/childrens books or classroom/office supplies and you live within the EU please get in touch.

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