Street Hearts Education Programme


Our fantastic Project Development Managers, Vinny and Emeline, have been working hard over the past few weeks, running an education programme for local children. The children have visited our brilliant vet, Dr Dimitar Dimitrov, and spent time at our shelter, being taught about dog care, behaviour, and welfare. They’ve also learned about the welfare of other animals, such as our horse, pigs, and chickens! The children have really enjoyed themselves and we hope that the lessons they’ve learned will have a positive impact upon them, leading to a kinder, better future for dogs and other animals.

We’ve also been visited by older students from Erasmus+, a programme that supports the education and training of youth across Europe. The students learned about responsible pet ownership, dog lifespan, and the importance of neutering, as well as the reasons why dogs are brought to the shelter, the daily shelter routine, and shelter management.

Educating the next generation about animal welfare is so important in order to make a positive change!

Just Giving

Weʼre raising £45,000 to buy a much-needed education centre, volunteer accommodation, and rehabilitation space for dogs in need!


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