Community Outreach Success


Our Project Development Manager, Vinny, has been working wonders within the local community. Since June 2021, Vinny and the Community Outreach Team have achieved the following;

  • Located 62 dogs as a direct result of outreach work - 31 owned and 31 stray.
  • Added 28 of the 31 owned dogs to our neutering list. Only 3 owners have refused free neutering for their dogs. All 3 of those dogs were male.
  • Facilitated the neutering of 14 of the 62 located dogs (with many more on the waiting list!)
  • Taught 94 children (and one national television crew) during education days in the space of one month.
  • Built 6 dog houses (which are currently awaiting installation).
  • Provided 19 street dogs with regular access to food, water, and medication.
  • Identified 18 puppies in one location in just one day by using Talea software.

“Thank you!” to Battersea for our Project Development Grant which has enabled us to employ Vinnie, Steffi, and Lucy to undertake this vital work, both out in the community and within the Street Hearts BG Shelter.

Just Giving

Weʼre raising £45,000 to buy a much-needed education centre, volunteer accommodation, and rehabilitation space for dogs in need!


Neutered so far...