Morris in 100 mile race for Street Hearts BG


Three and a half years ago we had a very special visitor at Street Hearts BG, all the way from Los Angeles. Morris De La Roca stayed with us for 6 weeks which was the start of our journey to become a neutering programme. At that point we had two dogs. Morris saw the distressing sights of street dogs starving in Radovtsi, unwanted puppies everywhere. This was when the first seed in our minds was planted to do something positive about it, and we have. Sadly some dogs are too old to rehome or have illnesses.

At present they live with the other rescues but this is not what we want for them. We want a home kind of environment where they can live their days out in comfort. Our plan is to make a log cabin, we already have old furniture and rugs but do not have the finances to build it. All sponsored dogs will live in there, we will be able to sit with them and do admin, watch TV with them and love them. In winter there will be a fire, this is all the old dogs want in their final years. We have a dog flap so they can go into the run we will make also for them.

Morris is doing an awesome thing for the dogs and is running a 100 mile race in LA. In his own words he describes why, on the Go Fund me page. Here is the link to the actual race itself which is a ballot, Morris was very lucky to win a place. Finally Morris thank you so so much for doing this amazing thing for the dogs, we hope you will come back soon to Street Hearts BG.

Read more about the race here