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Yuna's Story


"In 2023, we were in the process of buying a house after renting for a while, and decided the time was right to bring a puppy into our family. We'd been wanting a dog for a long time but were worried about the process. We already had cats in our household and were concerned that would force our hand away from rescuing. One of us also hadn't owned a dog before, so was naturally nervous of getting the training right and making mistakes. We'd been looking around different shelters and even looked at breeders, but nothing felt right. A friend of ours then recommended we look into Street Hearts BG, as they'd adopted their dog from there. We had a look at their website and social media accounts, and were really impressed with what we saw. So much thought and care are clearly put into every stage of rescuing and rehoming the dogs. We decided to put in an application and see what happened".

"The application process was reassuringly thorough. You hear all sorts of horror stories from rescue centres but Street Hearts BG clearly wanted to make sure we were the right people for one of their dogs. Whilst they were thorough, they were also really supportive and answered every question we had. They were incredibly knowledgeable, eager to help, and readily supportive. We got matched with a dog - Christina (now Yuna) - and met her over a Zoom call. It was instant love; she was such a perfect puppy for us, and we felt so excited to meet her. Then came the hard bit - waiting for the Furever Bus to bring her to us. We had plenty to do in the meantime, though, getting our home ready for her. It helped that Street Hearts put on a pre-adoption presentation, which gave us loads of really helpful information and tips for preparing for her".

"In November 2023, we got to bring Yuna home, and it's still one of the best days of our lives so far. Street Hearts BG did an incredible job matching her to us. She has fit so perfectly into our family, it's like she's always been there. She's amazingly well behaved - testament to the training and care that the staff at the shelter have put into her. She's very well socialised, perfect with our cats, and already loved by our families. We signed up to an extra training course, too (recommended to us by Street Hearts for rescue dogs), and it really helped us with keeping on top of her training and addressing any small issues that cropped up. We are so happy to see her thriving and loving life. We would honestly (and often do) recommend Street Hearts BG to anyone looking to adopt. They are a truly wonderful rescue and we will always be grateful to them for bringing Yuna into our lives". - Zoe and Oliver from Hathersage, UK.