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Guinness' Story


Guinness, one of our 'Beer Puppies', arrived at Street Hearts BG in August 2023, a result of an unwanted, unplanned litter. Fortunately, his irresistible charm quickly won over Rachel, Daniel, and their family, who embraced him into their hearts and home in Berkshire, UK, during the autumn of 2023. Here's what one of his humans, Rachel, had to say:

"We decided to adopt another dog while we were on holiday in Bulgaria. We started the application while sitting on the beach, after seeing many stray dogs wondering the streets. Fast forward to October, after going through the adoption process (which was very straight forward and informative), we collected Guinness. After introducing him to our older resident dog, we embraced the journey of welcoming a new puppy into our lives".

"Guinness already knew how to sit for treats. He was also already embracing crate and lead training, thanks to the team at Street Hearts, so we continued with this. Within the first few weeks, Guinness started to settle and become used to our routine at home. Outside on walks was a different story, though; he was fine in quiet areas away from cars, but if we needed to cross a road, he would shake so much".

"With continuous training and patience, Guinness is getting better and gaining confidence on walks. He is a lot better when his big doggie brother is with him! We know it is going to be a long journey, but we also know that we have the support from Street hearts BG if, and when, we need it".

"Guinness is our cheeky chappy!"