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Albie's Story


"Our adoption journey has been brilliant. We were very impressed with Street Hearts BG's thorough process and the end result. Albie (was Clove) has been fantastic!"

"Albie is such a lovely and loving boy: calm, fun, and gentle. He is also very determined and very bright, which does have its challenges, such as selected hearing! He watches everything we do and is interested in everything - the TV particularly attracts his attention when a dog or another animal appears on the screen. We are convinced that, one day, he will be making his own dinner, as he knows his dinner time, where the bowls are kept, and the different dog food containers for him and our other dog, Joey!"

"Joey (a rescue from Battersea) has been a great support for Albie, and vice-versa. Joey is twelve years old now and was not coping too well with long walks (or so we thought) before Albie came along. The difference in Joey has been extraordinary! Albie has taught him that other dogs are okay, and not all of them are a threat. He plays with Albie, he cuddles up to him, and he is now back to doing extra-long walks. Albie, in turn, has learned a lot from Joey, who is a very gentle, calm, and friendly dog with people (we use Joey as a therapy dog for my mother-in-law who has dementia, and her fellow care home residents - we haven't tested Albie yet in that environment!) If ever proof was needed that dogs do so much better when they have fur-siblings, then it is our dogs".

"It has been a joy to see Albie blossom into such a fantastic dog. He now knows that we are his family, his universe, and we can see that he really loves us. He spends time with us as much as possible (our children used to say that he was just like a vampire, waiting to be invited into a room as he never did it of his own accord... needless to say, this is no longer the case!) He knows the house routine and is very loving towards us".

"He still chews everything, demolishes the garden, and can't understand why our nearly eighteen-year-old cat really, really doesn't want to play with him, but apart from these minor details, we are so fortunate that he is now very much part of our lives". - Judith and Rob from Berkshire, UK.