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Iris, Grace, & Norman Jones' Story


"We are forever grateful to Street Hearts BG! Currently, we have three dogs from them, and there is a fourth on the way!"

"We first adopted Iris in the summer of 2021. Although she put her trust in us from the get-go, she'd had a cold and tough start to life, and the world around her could be a frightening place - with passing cars and unfamiliar faces. Thankfully, she loved her peaceful countryside walks with her big brother, Teddy Bear, a Thai street dog who helped show her the way. With loving patience, Iris has transformed into a radiant spirit, brimming with happiness".

"Four months after her arrival, we decided to expand our furry family and welcomed her sister, 'Gigi' Grace, another precious pup from Bulgaria! Grace is sweet, confident, and incredibly friendly. Her confidence helped Iris come further out of her shell outside of the house. Their sisterly bond is nothing short of magical, as they've supported and uplifted each other in ways beyond words. Witnessing their playful antics fills our hearts with joy".

"We can't believe the beauty and character of the Street Hearts dogs and we wouldn't want to adopt a dog from anywhere else. The environment at the shelter, along with the care and training they receive, gives their dogs the best chance for a happy life in their new homes".

"In November 2023, we took the plunge again and we welcomed Mr Norman Jones to the family. He is the kindest, most gentle, intelligent, and easy-going dog! His siblings adore him, and he brings immense joy to our lives - but why stop there? Our hearts have ample room for more love and there's plenty of time for more tummy tickles, so this May we are welcoming Immy (to be renamed Faith) into our Street Hearts pack! We cannot wait and are truly honoured and privileged to have these beautiful souls to share our life with".

"The Street Hearts team are living legends, and we can't express enough gratitude for how good they have been to us and our beloved dogs". – John and Rose from West Sussex, UK.