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Maia's Story


"When we moved into our first home, we knew we would need a companion for our little Maltichon called Loki. Rather than buy another puppy, we wanted to adopt a dog and give them a forever home. Street Hearts matched us with a very shy little dog named Indy, with the hope that Loki's boisterous personality would bring out her confidence. We agreed, and waited with nervous excitement for her to arrive".

"Indy arrived and we took her to her new home, which was a very emotional experience. We renamed her Maia, and made her as comfortable as possible as she settled into the new environment. She took to us instantly, and although Loki was a tad jealous for the first few days, it was not long until they were inseparable".

"Maia is a scaredy pants and training her can be challenging, but being able to give her the sense of security and love she needs is very rewarding. With each improvement in her confidence comes new (and mischievous) personality traits, and we are so proud of her for the leaps and bounds she has made in the last year and half".

"We can't remember life before her and we never want to imagine life without her, even if we are constantly hoovering her hair out of every crevice of our house!"