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Lidi's Story


Before becoming a member of the team, our UK-based staff member, Laura, was originally a Street Hearts BG adopter! After Anthony and I found a sweet but sad ginger dog wandering around a supermarket car park, begging for food, Laura contacted us almost immediately and expressed an interest in adopting 'Lidi from Lidl'! Here's Laura's story in her own words:

"I'm not the kind of person who makes spur of the moment choices. However, call it fate, destiny, a sixth sense, or questionable decision-making skills but, when I saw a photo of Lidi and her sorrowful expression on the Street Hearts BG Instagram stories, I instantly knew that she was the dog for me. I distinctly remember shoving my mobile phone into my husband's face and declaring that I was going to apply to adopt her that very moment. From what I recall, I didn't give my husband much of a say in the matter (sorry, Dan!)"

"Lidi arrived in our Derbyshire home in June 2020 and she's been my best girl ever since! I truly believe that she saved me just as much as I helped to save her. Lidi gave me a sense of purpose at a time when I was feeling very much lost at sea. I (and pretty much everyone else in the UK) was stuck at home due to the pandemic. I'd also been made redundant from my job and, in general, I wasn't (mentally) feeling particularly great. However, she made me laugh and smile every day, gave me a reason to get up in the morning, and brought me joy and happiness beyond measure. She also helped my husband and I to heal after losing our much-adored Border Collie, Chuck, to cancer in June 2019."

"Nearly three years down the line, Lidi continues to be a ray of sunshine in my life. She's my buddy, my shadow, my girl, my family... simply put, I adore every gingery hair on her gloriously ginger body. She loves every single person, young or old, that she meets, and despite the fact that she's more of a 'people dog' than a 'dog's dog', she's been a fantastic foster sibling to the thirteen Street Hearts who've graced my home. I love Lidi with all my heart and, because of her, I've got a brilliant job (with equally brilliant colleagues), too!”