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Hamish's Story


Hamish was surrendered into our care earlier this year after his owners decided to relocate. The poor boy didn't understand what had happened nor why he was at the shelter, but thankfully, he didn't have to wait long until he was snapped up by two loving humans. Hamish now lives in Manchester, UK with his new pawrents, Pauline and John, who are absolutely smitten with him!

"Hamish has been an absolute dream the whole time we've had him. He's really comfortable and relaxed around the numerous visitors we've had to the house, and we've had big groups at any one time. He'll say his hellos with his curly tail wags and then take himself off to one of his quiet spots until he's ready to come and say hello again. His favourite spot is on a wicker chest we have in the front window; he'll jump up on that and curl up in the sun for a couple of hours".

"He's great walking on the lead but likes to take his time and peruse what's going on around him. He literally just stops and looks around, then starts walking again! His favourite treat is a nice crunchy chicken foot; he gets so excited when he knows he's getting one! Hamish had his first visit to our vet in his first week. He was an absolute superstar! He's also had his first professional groom and, again, he was a superstar, but I have to say I think I prefer him with the scruffy look he came with!"

"We have another two Street Hearts in our family; my son, Connor, and his girlfriend, Sandy, adopted Curly and then Flossie. They both spend a lot of time at our house and get on really well with Hamish. Our next adventures are his first holiday in the caravan at the end of August, and then a trip to the beach with Curly, Flossie, and the rest of the family!" 

"Thanks for giving us the opportunity to give Hamish a new and loving home".