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Jim's Story


"Jim, Jimmy, Jimbo, James, Jimmybob, JimJams is an absolute lovable loon. We actually adopted him from Street Hearts BG through Wild at Heart Foundation, but since discovering the support network provided by Street Hearts BG and its adopters, we haven’'t looked back! We chose Jim mostly because he lived with and loved cats, and introducing a dog to a home with a grumpy resident cat was a challenge (we were told by many rescue charities) – so when we saw Jim's profile and how he loved his cat friends, and that they were actively searching for a home for him with cats, we thought it was meant to be. We picked him up when he was six months old on a cold November morning, and within ten seconds of being introduced, he'd devoured an entire Tupperware of chicken. He's much more polite asking for food now, but still an absolute gannet".

"He settled in well early on, but being completely honest, it's been quite challenging at times, especially because he's now a pretty sizeable lad. At about his first birthday, we started seeing some fears around people appear – he didn't trust people without dogs, was reactive to men coming into our house, and started barking at people when off the lead (and then when on lead if they came too close). So, we adjusted what we did with him, and our expectations of the type of dog he was going to be. We'd never be able to take him to a busy pub as it's way too overwhelming for him; instead, we go on lovely walks and spend time messing around with him at home. He LOVES being at home, and we love being able to provide a safe place for him. We wish he was more comfortable in the world but we also know that we have given him a wonderful life – and we see his happiness every day in how silly and fun he is. He adores his small circle of human pals and they love him because he has the best personality. He's a hit at day care as he tires out all of the dogs with his zoomies, and now they've gotten comfortable with his play growls (he's a noisy boy!), they happily chase him everywhere!"

"The benefits to adopting a Street Heart are too many to sum up in a single post. I'm biased, but their journeys and rough starts in life give them such an immense amount of character, and every day you know that they are so grateful for the love, the comfy beds, the treats, and the cuddles they receive - and that is worth more than anything. Jim loves us so much, and the feeling is mutual (just don't ask Stanley the cat, he might say otherwise)". – Liv, adopter of Jim.