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Flint's Story


"Flint joined our family in May 2022, and during the adoption process (which I would describe as being made as comfortable and helpful as possible!), I was asked what I was looking for in a dog. I said "A best friend". Flint has fulfilled that wish for me to such a degree that I can't really describe it, and I hope that we have done the same for him".

"Flint is also a Stealer of Socks, Prince of Zoomies, Woodland Explorer, and Squirrel Finder in Chief!"

"Flint has not always found things easy, but with gentle encouragement, calm and clear signals (along with lots of treatos!), he has made great progress and shown his intelligence to an absolutely astounding degree. He is a very dear and wonderful boy, and I adore him - sock stealing and all!"

"I'd encourage anyone to give a Street Heart a chance, and I'm sure that many other Street Heart adopters would say the same!" – Debbie.