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Elsie-Jo's Story


"Feeling broken following the loss of my gorgeous fourteen-year-old Collie last year, I applied to adopt a pup from Street Hearts BG. In due course, I was matched with Jo (now Elsie-Jo). Cruelly thrown from a car and left in Turkincha near Dryanovo, some kind humans took her to Street Hearts BG. Even though the shelter was at capacity, the team looked after and nurtured her until she came to the UK on the March 2023 adoption trip".

"A few initial challenges were quickly overcome as we developed a daily routine of feeding, lead walking, play, and quiet time. The only remaining issue is Elsie-Jo's recall, as she is curious about everything. She loves to meet and play with any dog or human, forgetting to come when she is called! We are attending training classes to help us with this. She is quirky girl who attracts a lot of attention when we are out. People ask what breed is she? I don't know, she's a Street Heart and she's my Elsie-Jo!"

"Elsie-Jo loves going for walks and playing. She adores doggy ice cream and peanut butter sandwiches. Digging holes, rolling on mole hills, and in fox poop are particularly enjoyable (although the subsequent bath, not so much fun!) She is a very sweet, gentle girl who has brought much happiness to my family. We all adore her. Many thanks to the Street Hearts team for matching me and Elsie-Jo. How lucky am I?" – Karen.