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Mindy's Story


"A year on from our adoption, it's hard for me to imagine that Mindy wasn't always hogging the sofa in our living room. We applied first to be considered for another pup who became unavailable. That was until the team reached out to us about Mindy".

"I know the team wanted to find the right home for Mindy, who needed a little self-confidence after a difficult start to life. We'd expressed we had experience in this area and got to meet her on a video call, where I can safely say I wept when I saw her little face".

"Fast forward a month or so to her arrival in the UK. Mindy was the last off the bus, a bundle of nerves, and a tail that if it could have tucked further, it would have. A creature of habit, I think she was hoping she could relieve herself and hop back in the safety of the van. That first night, we showed her around her new home, gave her a good scrub, and put her to bed for the first night of her new life".

"Mindy's journey, like most, had its challenges, adapting to the busyness of life in south Manchester whilst also finding her own feet. We worked really hard with Mindy to build her confidence through praise and companionship, as treats were never a big distraction for her. Slowly but surely, we saw Mindy blossom; wagging her tail, asking for belly rubs, and eventually tricking me out of bed so she could sneak into my spot for extra cuddles with Charlotte!"

"At just over two years now, outside Mindy is an adventurous, zooming, adrenaline junkie. She makes new friends, humans and dogs alike. At home, she loves a snooze, a cuddle, and nibbling at our sleeves and socks. I often look at her, tail wagging absent-mindedly, and remember how far she's come from the days we used to worry it was broken".

"We will be forever grateful to Street Hearts for bringing us together" - Best wishes, Zach, Charlotte, and Mindy.