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Immy Reserved


Immy is a sweet and calm, yet playful, puppy! She loves cuddles and is content sitting quietly on your lap. She's also great at settling in her crate when it's time to rest. Immy thrives in the company of other dogs, and we feel that she would benefit from living with a confident and friendly fur-sibling.

Immy has begun her 'Sit' and lead training, and has been introduced to the sights, smells, and sounds of Dryanovo town. As with all of our dogs, she is looking for an adopter who is committed to her ongoing training and socialisation.

Immy's Story

Immy (along with her brother, Mr Mushroom) was abandoned in a pit within a dilapidated, disused building, with no means of escape. Fortunately, we were notified of her plight and successfully rescued the two puppies.

General Information

Immy's estimated date of birth is November 24th 2023. She is a Bulgarian Shepherd mix and, as an adult, she will be large in size. Immy needs to live with another confident and friendly dog. She could also live with sensible, dog-savvy older children. Immy likes to play with our resident shelter cats; therefore, she would likely be best suited to a home without cats, or a home where a very confident, dog-savvy cat resides. She needs to live in a rural or semi-rural home environment.

Immy will be able to travel to her furever home from April 2024 onwards.