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Caramel is as sweet as her name suggests! She's a kind and gentle soul who is also extremely cuddly. Caramel absolutely loves a fuss, and once you've started stroking her, she doesn't want you to stop!

Caramel is housetrained, lead trained, and crate trained. She is happy to be left alone and doesn't suffer from separation anxiety. Due to living with Lauren, our Dog Trainer & Behaviourist, Caramel is already accustomed to life indoors and household noises. She is a big lover of toys!

Caramel gets along beautifully with every single dog, regardless of their age or size. In general, she has a lovely energy around her canine companions, and she's been a fantastic foster sister to multiple puppies here at Street Hearts BG. Caramel would love to live with a confident, friendly, and playful fur-sibling, as this will really help to bring out her energy, excitement, and confidence.

It has taken two years for Caramel to reach a point where she is ready to find a furever home. Her future adopter needs to understand that it may take her a little while longer than other dogs to adjust to her new environment. However, once she has settled, she'll make the most wonderful pet!

When visiting Dryanovo town, Caramel was neutral in demeanour, and generally unbothered by people / traffic. However, she can become overwhelmed, so introductions to new, busier environments will need to be done slowly. She is a dog who will always need to remain on a lead or longline.

Caramel's Story

Caramel was born on the streets and brought to our shelter when she was only three months old.

General Information

Caramel's estimated date of birth is August 2nd 2021. She is medium in size. Caramel needs to live in an adult-only home with at least one confident and friendly resident dog. She cannot live with cats. Caramel would be best suited to a rural or semi-rural home environment.